Independent Risk Consulting

With breadth and depth of risk management expertise, you can depend on us to support your ongoing efforts, or technically challenging projects.  We have the ability to bring together your internal resources to reduce your administrative burden, improve data, output and communication, deliver unique solutions, no matter the issue.  We can also tailor communications to any level of your organization, whether it be to your board, C-suite, or operational teams.  

We work alongside your broker of choice and supplement your internal capabilities, assisting in the distillation of information in order to better inform and shape the communications between your company and your broker team.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Design and implementation of corporate insurance programs - includes a full risk review and financial risk tolerance stress test to understand the needs and appetite of the organization. 
  • Renewal support - renewal season can be challenging for staff who handle insurance as a second or third job.  We can come in to support you, improve the process, and reduce your administrative burden.  We can also help review options, distill down to manageable and understandable pieces of critical information, and even create presentations for your internal stakeholders.  [Note - this can be especially useful for private equity firms who want to have streamlined processes and communications across all of their operating entities]
  • Contractual reviews - we can be our outsourced risk management team in devising contracting protocols, shaping your organizations insurance terms and conditions, and/or working with procurement, legal, and/or others in the organization in contracts negotiations.  We have extensive experience, including in highly technical contracts such as Joint Operating Agreements, Lease negotiations (both real estate and land leases), EPCs and EPICs, and more.
  • Broker RFP's - we can assist and/or organize and run a broker RFP, providing guidance on broker qualifications, selections, services, and more, for your year-on programs or on a project basis, such as a large construction.  
  • Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Benefits and executive insurance program review
  • Litigation Support and Expert Consulting
  • Claims Consulting - we can assist in reviewing large claims portfolios and provide guidance on how to improve claims results and/or use the data to shape your insurance buying philosophies, and we can also assist in challenging, high stakes, high-cost cases.