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Insurance Solutions for Uncertainty

About Us

At Baty Worldwide we’re advancing the conversation of insurance. We’re driving new thinking, new innovations, and new products while maintaining our strong sense of business heritage born in 1933. We ensure our clients are educated, savvy, and thoroughly advised when it comes to risk. We’re available with a broad portfolio of distinctive specialty products that address the challenges of today’s world. Whether it is Personal, Commercial, Benefits or Bonds, Baty Worldwide can offer innovative solutions that safeguard our clients and their assets.

Our Team

We protect our clients with a circle of support to protect them against any and all risks. Whether supporting Complex Commercial Portfolios, Personal Portfolios, Benefits, and Life, Baty Worldwide knows the importance of having experience behind each client. We embody “you are only as good as the people around you.”

Our Mission

It is our mission to go beyond establishing trust and a long lasting relationship with our clients.To this day, going the extra mile has established Baty Worldwide as a premier source of protection. Our dedicated staff will lend their extensive experience and knowledge in the products we offer and how the products provide maximum benefit and protection to the clients we serve.

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